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The Secure(it) program is a bundle of the industry's latest solutions, designed to protect the integrity of the physical and network security infrastructure. It's the cornerstone of the WESCO CSC government market approach. Secure(it) solutions will significantly simplify the network infrastructure design and ease the stress of deployment for Defense, Intelligence agency users, contractors and integrators. Click here to view our Secure(it) Certified Contractors!

Secure(it) Deployments:
The Secure(it) program has been designed exclusively for CSC's government customers for compliance with the Information Assurance initiative, simplifying secure network deployments for the following types of projects:
- SIPRNET and JWICS                                        - DoDIIS Trusted Workstation
- PDS Installations                                               - Data Center Construction
- SCIF Upgrades                                                 - BRAC Design/Build
- C4ISR Building Construction                              - Outside Plant Network
- Continuity of Operations                                    - Secure Video Teleconference
- High Assurance Networks                                  - SCIF In a Box

Secure(it) Resources:

When it comes to secure network solutions, WESCO CSC is your source for solutions, information, documentation and access to the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. Check back often for the most up-to-date news, information and new product solutions!
The Secure(it) Solutions Guide Vol. 2 E-Catalog
Secure(it) Linecard

Secure(it) Value Brochure
Secure(it) Manufacturers

Contact the WESCO CSC Engineering Services Team:

Emmett McGrath, Government Sales Engineering Team Manager, 703-593-8535 or
Ed Herzing, Senior Sales Engineer, 410-530-0463 or
Howard Love, Senior Sales Engineer-Critical Power, 804-543-7452 or
Jason Wolff, Senior Application Engineer, 516-592-1619 or


The INTERCEPTOR Optical Network Security System enables Intelligent-PDS solutions (including PON) that, unlike legacy PDS systems ,support the growing demand for connections to classified networks while offering cost savings, enhanced security and the situational awareness required in today's environment. INTERCEPTOR has recorded 50 million port hours protecting classified US Government networks up to the TS/SCI level.



The Sectéra® vIPer™ Universal Secure Phone is available through the Secure(it) program which allows you to:
  • Easily switch between making end-to-end secure and non-secure calls on  
  • Voice over IP and analog networks.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple desktop phones.
  • Protect information classified Top Secret/SCI and below over commercial wired networks
  • Click here to learn more!

Secure(it) Core Manufacturers:


Secure(it) Specialty Manufacturers:

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