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One Distributor. Everything Infrastructure

Calvert Wire is your Connection for Industrial Wire

Through Calvert Wire & Cable Corporation, a division of Communications Supply Corporation, CSC has established one of the most comprehensive linecards of industrial wire & cable products in the industry.

Since 1979, Calvert Wire & Cable Corporation's goal has been to build customer respect and loyalty by providing the most professional service in the wire and cable industry. By upholding these standards, Calvert Wire & Cable has quickly become one of the leading distributors of industrial MRO multiconductor power and control cables that meet the demanding applications associated with industrial robotics, crane, automation, mining and manufacturing.

Calvert Wire & Cable stocks a full line of wire, cable and connectors, ensuring delivery of the right products in time for your production or installation schedule. Our experienced cabling specialists understand your needs and can fulfill your job requirements quickly and efficiently. Calvert Wire & Cable will supply you with the sizes, types and quantities of product you need to keep your project on schedule. If you can't find what you need, call us. We have access to over 25,000 different items from thousands of manufacturers.

Calvert Wire & Cable's manufacturing and distribution facilities are headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of Brook Park, Ohio; ISO 9001:2000 certified

For a comprehensive list of Industrial Resources Click Here.

Industrial Solutions

600v-35kv Power | 600v Power
   Type THHN
   Type THW
   Type MTW/ AWM/ TEW
   Type RHW-2 EPR
   Cathodic Protection Cable
   Type RHW-2 XLP
   Type XHHW-2

600v-35kv Power | Armor
   Type TECK90
   Type MC-HL Variable Frequency Drive

600v-35kv Power | Medium Voltage Power
   XLP/PVC CTS 3 Conductors
   XLP/PVC CTS 1 Conductor
   EPR/Hypalon TYPE MV-90

Control & Instrumentation | Control Cable
    Type SDN
    Type SRGS
    Type SRGK

Control & Instrumentation | Instrumentation Cable
   Single Pair 300 Volt
   Single Triad 300 Volt
   Multipair 300 Volt
   Multitriad 300 Volt
   Single Pair 600 Volt
   Single Triad 600 Volt
   Multipair 600 Volt
   Multitriad 600 Volt

Control & Instrumentation | Thermocouple
   Grade Wire
   Extension Wire
   Extension Cable

Control & Instrumentation | Tray Cable

Flexible and Portable | Flexible Cable
   Pendant and Reeling Cable
   Hook-Up Wire
   Type HPN
   Type VFD
   Lamp Cord
   Type SDN
   Bus Drop Cable
   Festoon Cable
   Type W Magnet Crane

Flexible and Portable | Heat Trace Cable
   MI Cable
   CW Cable
   SR Cable

Flexible and Portable | Mining Cable
   Type G/G-GC
   Type W Flat
   Type W Round
   Type SHD-GC
   Type SHD-GC TPU
   Type MP-GC XLP
   Type MP-GC EPR

Flexible and Portable | Portable Cable
   Type SOOW
   Type W
   Type SJOOW
   Diesel Locomotive Cable
   Type SJTOW
   Type STOW
   Type SJT
   Type SVT
   Type SJ
   Type SV

Flexible and Portable | Welding Cable
   Welding Cable

High Temperature | Appliance Wire
   Type SR
   Type SRML 150°C
   Type SRML 200°C

High Temperature | Lead Wire
   Type SRGT
   Type TGGT
   Type MGT

High Temperature | Motor Lead
   Type SRML 150°C
   Type SRML 200°C
   Type SRML-K
   Type TGKT

High Temperature | Power & Control Cable
   Type SRGK
   SKS Soaking Pit
   Type SRGS

Termination & Splice | Fittings & Hardware
   Mechanical Lugs
   JAG Fitting
   AC Fitting
   Cable Grip Fitting
   Cord Grip Fitting
   Compression Lugs

Transportation | Automotive
   PVC Brake Cable
   Type GXL Primary Wire
   Type TXL Extra-Thin Primary Wire
   Type GPT Primary Wire
   Type TWP Extra-Thin Primary Wire
   Automotive Cables for DaimlerChrysler
   Automotive Cables for Toyota
   Type SXL Ground or Battery Cable
   Type HDT Heavy-Duty Primary Wire
   Type SGT Ground or Battery Cable

Transportation | Marine
   Type MMV 3 Conductor
   Type MMV 1 Conductor
   Type VFD Power Cable

Transportation | Railroad/Mass Transit
   Line Wire
   Aerial Signal Cable
   Underground Signal Cable
   Case Wire
   Track Wire
   CTC Cable
   Diesel Locomotive Cable
   Festoon Cable

Voice, Data & Video | Test & Measurement
   Electrical Testers

Industrial Resources

   Temperature Conversion
   Metric Conversion
   AWG Wire Gauge Conversion

   Nominal Temperature Range of Insulating & Jacketing Compounds
   Characteristics of Insulation and Jacket Compounds
   Dielectric Constants of Insulations
   Shield Types Application Guide

   IMSA Specifications
   NEC & CSA Wire Designations
   NEC Substitution Chart
   NEC Standards Reference Guide
   Flame Test Standards
   Military Specifications
   UL Categories
   TIA/EIA-568-A Standards
   Wire & Cable Industry Associations

   ICEA Method 1 - E1 (K-1) for Industrial Cables
   ICEA Method 1 - E2 (K-2) for Industrial Cables
   ICEA Method 4 for Industrial Cables
   Standard Fiber Optic Cable Color Coding

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