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Custom Fiber Optic Solutions
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20 Years of Assembling Custom Fiber Optic Solutions - Offered to you EXCLUSIVELY through CSC.

You can trust Fibertron to meet your most challenging point-to-point cabling needs. In performance, configuration, labeling and packaging, Fibertron has earned its stripes and has prestigious industry certifications in virtually every major marketplace to prove it. Your assemblies are designed and built to your needs and specifications, ensuring a precise installation every time. Fibertron’s clean work environment employs highly skilled and trained technicians who know the ins and outs of every connector…every fiber…every cable.

Fibertron customers have confidence that every assembly has been manufactured to your exact specifications, using brand name products. They know that every assembly has been fully tested to international industry standards before it leaves our door. Our streamlined work order system, audited under the ISO9001:2000 standards, ensures that each project is completed on time and as specified.

Product Categories

Production & Testing Services

Together with the leaders in fiber optic cable and connector development, Fibertron works with today’s top fiberoptic equipment manufacturers to provide the most reliable fiber optics integrated assemblies in the industry.

Applications Engineering
Fibertron’s highly-qualified Applications Engineering team are experts in the application of fiber optic media, cable, connectors and hardware. No matter how complex or challenging your requirements, Fibertron can develop a custom solution that’s reliable, mitigates risk, and helps speed up project implementation schedules. Fibertron’s engineers are skilled at designing the most advanced single- and multi-mode cable assemblies—guaranteed to meet even the most stringent connector/cable specifications. We work with you to solve cable-related problems and help lower project costs by facilitating creative solutions.

Fiber Optic Termination
Fibertron is a leader in the application of cutting-edge fiber optic terminations and splicing methods. No matter the number or complexity of your fiber optic terminations, our Applications Specialists can help you in selecting the right component for each step in the termination and assembly process. More professionals turn to Fibertron for providing error-free, reliable termination.

Enclosure Integration (Pull & Place)
Protect and organize complex cable and pre-terminated assemblies by including pre-attached enclosures from Fibertron. Modular enclosures, manufactured by industry leaders, grow with your needs — accommodating future additions with ease. From custom to off-the-shelf models we have the fit and quality for complete tip to tip integration. "Pull & Place" -

Labeling and Testing
Every cable, connector, pigtail and patchcord goes through rigorous microscopic and optical testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards. Our EIA/TIA testing procedures ensure that you receive superior quality and reliability the first time, ensuring your project is complete to specification — on time — error-free. And, our secure labeling techniques provide for outstanding adherence to cables for easy identification.

Quality Control
When it comes to quality—Fibertron stands second to none. Our state-of-the-art production and testing equipment and quality assurance procedures meet and are audited to ISO 9000:2000 standards. We are inspected and certified by leading cable and component manufacturers — so you can trust our assemblies will be reliable.

Product Categories

Custom Patch Cords
Custom Patch cords are factory made to reduce installation costs and risks:

  • Available in any length
  • Simplex and duplex jumpers and pigtails
  • Choose your connector type or combination available from industry leading manufacturers
  • Standard PC polish, Ultra-PC and Angled-PC available
  • Corning Gold assemblies available

Multi-Fiber Cable
Fibertron will design and build an assembly to meet your applications requirements:

  • Available in any length, son spools when applicable
  • 1-288 fiber cable in 50/125, 62.5/125, 100/140 or singlemode
  • cable available from industry leading manufacturers
  • Choose your connector type or combination available from
  • industry leading manufacturers
  • Optional pulling sheath installed upon request

Military Tactical/Harsh Environment Assemblies
Mil-qualified assemblies from Fibertron are built to withstand the demands of the most rigorous environments and applications. These assemblies are ideal for tactical battlefield deployment, aircraft and airframe environments, astronomy and research, and any application where standard assemblies would be damaged by chemical, environmental or physical stresses. Available features include: hybrid assemblies, copper/fiber combinations, and multimode and singlemode termini. Request these Series and more:

  • Hermaphroditic connectors — for conditions where end-to-end connector flexibility is necessary
  • M28876—designed for shipboard and ship to shore applications
  • D38999—designed for tactical or industrial applications
  • TFOCA—designed for the US ARMY
  • Mil Spec ST—QPL Military ST fiber optic connector

Pull & Place Solutions
The ultimate solution for cutting training costs, installation labor hours and overall job costs, Fibertron’s Pull & Place provides an entire installation package. Completely engineered for each individual project, Pull & Place Solutions consist of multi fiber distribution or OSP cables labeled, spooled and pre-terminated to:

  • Cross connect cabinets
  • Distribution/Splice enclosures
  • Consolidation Points

Just Pull the cable and Place the enclosure in IDF/MDF or underfloor and the job is complete!


Fibertron’s Pro-Duct is comprised of pre-terminated cable is prepulled into innerduct per your specifications. Pro-Duct is shipped on spools with pulling sheaths pre-installed. On-site labor is reduced to a single cable pull! Pro-Duct is available up to 900 feet long.




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